Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ben, we loved you then, we love you still, we always have and we alwayswill!

Forever in our hearts
Forever in our Souls
Forever on our minds
Until we meet again

This is the Ben
we remember!

Please take a moment to remember Ben and all those that continue the fight and all those that we have lost. May the universal spirit of love watch over each and every one of you in times of joy and in times of sorrow
Peace and love forever and for always, k

NARCAN the second chance drug available at my church on 3/13/17 7:00pm

On February 14th 2015 Hillary found Ben upstairs in their room unresponsive and blue.

While Cameron and Izabel looked on Hillary and I worked tirelessly to perform CPR to keep Ben alive until the paramedics arrived.  I don't know that I have ever been more afraid then I was during those, at most 10 minutes before paramedics arrived.

Here's the problem: I knew that Hillary and Ben were in recovery and I knew that I should have NARCAN on hand but I didn't.

Huge mistake, part of the reason I didn't was because I didn't want to have to use it. If I didn't have it then it couldn't happen. I was almost 'dead' wrong.

When Hillary was frantic calling 911 I kept saying make sure they bring NARCAN make sure they send a truck that has it.

That 10 minutes was wasted time that I could have administered the drug myself easily and he would have been in better shape when the paramedics arrived.

Thank God for the strides made in making this drug available on all rescue vehicles. Do not risk it, do not allow your loved one or the loved on of someone you love to not have this

It is not difficult to administer
It can be free if you do not have insurance
or are unable to pay for it.
It is not dangerous to household members
and most importantly it can reverse an opioid overdose

Mark Jenkins a friend I met at a conference will be at my church to share this life saving drug
with everyone who would like it.

Ultimately Ben lost his physical life to this disease
however the NARCAN gave us a few weeks more than we would have had otherwise. 

I believe at one time or another we have
all needed a second chance

Peace be with you,
Much love today & always, K

Stones will also be available if you need more!