Friday, May 25, 2018

You are you for a reason.....

 In many cultures and faiths,
there is a tradition that when creating a piece of art
an imperfection be included. 

The reason for this imperfection is to show that when we create something of beauty it can never compare to the perfection that is God. The highest power; who is, knows,
and believes that all creation is perfect in it's imperfection.

That is what makes us unique!

You are you
for a reason.

The Divine, 
universal compassionate energy
loves us unconditionally and
is here to support and honor 
all that we are in this life and beyond.

and you will hear the voice of love
that with practice.........

gets louder................
and louder..............................
reminding us of our beauty
in the eyes of Spirit!

I am who I am
and you are who you are
for a reason.........

Standing out in a sea of grey!

Believe in yourself and everything you are
and slowly but surely 
the peace, that is the Love of God 
will find you.

~hugs k

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The missing piece/peace

Healing mind, body and spirit,
takes a great deal of time and energy.

The recovery process is like a puzzle.

When one piece is missing, 
the puzzle is not complete.

If you have looked for the piece in your current
surroundings and haven't found it, maybe it is
time to look elsewhere.

Walking at the park this morning, I saw these 
puzzle pieces on the ground.

Probably not the place you would go 
looking for them and yet there they were.

take a moment to think about which pieces
may be missing from your puzzle...........
What piece could you add to what you already have
in front of you that would help you to feel 
more complete?

When you figure it out, go out and find the pieces,
put them in place, 
use puzzle glue to hold it all together,
and be careful; glue or no glue puzzles are fragile.
Treat them with TLC to keep them together.

Divine Spirit of love & compassion,
thank you for watching over all of the pieces of our lives.
Keep us safe and help us to seek out what is missing.
Guide us on the path toward healing;
greet us at the beginning of each day with a renewed strength
and tuck us in each night with the knowledge 
that we hold the power to become whole once again.

prayers for peace in each piece,
love you(rself)

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The before and after moments

We have all had 
before and after moments.

These moments are the moments when something happens
that changes the course of your life forever.

When we talk about events in our lives 
they are either followed by or prefaced with the 
before or after statement.

Here are two of mine:
Before I learned of Hillary's addiction to IV heroin
and after Ben died.

Life changing events that, although I know they happened;
there will always be a certain level of disbelief.

To keep this as simple as possible I would like for you
to think about the statement before I started using drugs.

Think about the possibilities of what the after I recovered 
looks like.

Make a list and keep it on you at all times.
This list should include,
what your life in recovery looks like,
who is with you,
where are you, 
what does it smell like, taste like, feel like.

Recovery is hard and it doesn't happen over night;
however IT IS possible.

I have seen first hand, Hillary and many others
who have fought the battle and won
on the day it mattered the most;
and because they won the battle, they lived another day
to continue to fight the war.

Two treasures from this morning,
a boulder of a heart shaped rock (a gift)
and a tiny baby feather. Both messages
of God's love in the simplest of things.

you are worth the fight,
you can win the battle and
eventually be able to confidently
"before I was in recovery I didn't think I could.....
and after I found my power and my higher power
my life is more important to me than I 
could have possibly imagined."

Living with and loving many
who live in the throws of addiction and
living with and loving
 those in recovery has changed my life forever
Although I would love to wave a magic wand and make
all of the hurt and sadness go away, I don't think I would
even if I could, because I have met some amazing people
along the way whom I would not have met otherwise;
and that includes you. Although we may not have met in person,
You are part of my heart and soul and we are connected
by a bond that can't be broken.

Much love

Monday, May 7, 2018


Addiction is a disease that causes dis-ease;
Dis-ease causes relapse,
and relapse sucks.
For the person who is addicted 
and for those that love them.

Relapse hurts
because it causes shame 
and self-loathing.

Just when think you have this thing beat,
it rears its ugly head 
and you are back at day one.

You are your own worst nightmare;
you don't need anyone to tell you that
you screwed up, because you already know.

Please see today as a new beginning.
Yesterday is in the past and that cant be changed.
Today is the present, when something isn't working
sometimes it is necessary to start over;
and you can't start over at day two.
It has to be day one.

just because.......

On day one
I WILL accept the challenge to begin anew.
I WILL forgive myself for falling.
I WILL accept that for change to occur I must choose to change.
I WILL give day one my best shot
and not sabotage my future because of my past.
I WILL surround myself with those who will build me up
and accept me for who I am.

First and foremost on day one, I will remember
(no matter how hard)
that I am loved, valued and I am worth MY OWN effort.

May you feel the warmth of Divine love
helping you along your path on day one,
two, three, four....................
If you are beginning recovery again,
the relapse has passed and is in the past.


Thursday, May 3, 2018

safe crossing

I love the rails to trails, in Southington. I walk this path most mornings and the man made bridge  that crosses over the stream is almost always open.  A week or so ago we had torrential down pours which caused some major flooding. The town closed the bridge requiring that you take another route or simply turn around as it was unsafe to pass.

This tree either fell or was felled a while back to create a bridge over the rapids of the stream that runs under it. It is a secondary way of crossing over the stream. For 3 days or so it was not safe to cross either bridge. To try to move forward would have put the crosser in harms way.

Whether you are in recovery, actively using, or a loved one of someone who is, doesn't matter. All of us face times when we must stop, wait and take the time to decide when and how the next step should be taken.

The day I took this photo it was, once again, safe to cross either the man made bridge or choose to navigate the more difficult way, the tree.

When faced with how to move forward safely, look for signs.
Signs that say the path is dangerous
should be taken seriously.
Change can be scary and dangerous if not navigated
in a safe way.

Reach out, ask for help and if you don't get the answer
from the first person you ask to help you, find your way
toward the safest path, FOR YOU and ask someone else.

These rapids can be crossed by the bridge,
the tree, or any number of other ways to go around
to avoid the danger. The point here is, it has to work for you.

Take a deep cleansing breath,
look at the path ahead,
know you are not alone,
and please above all else.....
believe in yourself and your ability
because with out you, in your corner;
you'll never make it.

May the strength and guidance 
of universal love lead you on
your journey toward 
health and happiness

Peace be with you, my friend
~hugs k