Thursday, May 3, 2018

safe crossing

I love the rails to trails, in Southington. I walk this path most mornings and the man made bridge  that crosses over the stream is almost always open.  A week or so ago we had torrential down pours which caused some major flooding. The town closed the bridge requiring that you take another route or simply turn around as it was unsafe to pass.

This tree either fell or was felled a while back to create a bridge over the rapids of the stream that runs under it. It is a secondary way of crossing over the stream. For 3 days or so it was not safe to cross either bridge. To try to move forward would have put the crosser in harms way.

Whether you are in recovery, actively using, or a loved one of someone who is, doesn't matter. All of us face times when we must stop, wait and take the time to decide when and how the next step should be taken.

The day I took this photo it was, once again, safe to cross either the man made bridge or choose to navigate the more difficult way, the tree.

When faced with how to move forward safely, look for signs.
Signs that say the path is dangerous
should be taken seriously.
Change can be scary and dangerous if not navigated
in a safe way.

Reach out, ask for help and if you don't get the answer
from the first person you ask to help you, find your way
toward the safest path, FOR YOU and ask someone else.

These rapids can be crossed by the bridge,
the tree, or any number of other ways to go around
to avoid the danger. The point here is, it has to work for you.

Take a deep cleansing breath,
look at the path ahead,
know you are not alone,
and please above all else.....
believe in yourself and your ability
because with out you, in your corner;
you'll never make it.

May the strength and guidance 
of universal love lead you on
your journey toward 
health and happiness

Peace be with you, my friend
~hugs k 

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