Thursday, May 10, 2018

The before and after moments

We have all had 
before and after moments.

These moments are the moments when something happens
that changes the course of your life forever.

When we talk about events in our lives 
they are either followed by or prefaced with the 
before or after statement.

Here are two of mine:
Before I learned of Hillary's addiction to IV heroin
and after Ben died.

Life changing events that, although I know they happened;
there will always be a certain level of disbelief.

To keep this as simple as possible I would like for you
to think about the statement before I started using drugs.

Think about the possibilities of what the after I recovered 
looks like.

Make a list and keep it on you at all times.
This list should include,
what your life in recovery looks like,
who is with you,
where are you, 
what does it smell like, taste like, feel like.

Recovery is hard and it doesn't happen over night;
however IT IS possible.

I have seen first hand, Hillary and many others
who have fought the battle and won
on the day it mattered the most;
and because they won the battle, they lived another day
to continue to fight the war.

Two treasures from this morning,
a boulder of a heart shaped rock (a gift)
and a tiny baby feather. Both messages
of God's love in the simplest of things.

you are worth the fight,
you can win the battle and
eventually be able to confidently
"before I was in recovery I didn't think I could.....
and after I found my power and my higher power
my life is more important to me than I 
could have possibly imagined."

Living with and loving many
who live in the throws of addiction and
living with and loving
 those in recovery has changed my life forever
Although I would love to wave a magic wand and make
all of the hurt and sadness go away, I don't think I would
even if I could, because I have met some amazing people
along the way whom I would not have met otherwise;
and that includes you. Although we may not have met in person,
You are part of my heart and soul and we are connected
by a bond that can't be broken.

Much love

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