Sunday, October 21, 2018

What is true in our minds is true.....

A line from a movie.

Say it again,
what is true in our minds is true.

What do you believe about yourself?
Take away what you have been told.
Take away what you assume.
Take away how you think others perceive you.

What is your truth?
It is true.

Do you like your truth?
Is it the truth you want?

What is true in our minds is true.

Create the truth you want,
and it is true.

It may take time to build the truth
into a stronger truth, but even the smallest truth
is still true.

Our thoughts are who we are.
Our bodies are merely the vessel that holds our truth.

Only I and only you can create and live our own truth.

I am me and you are you, that is true.

Be true to your truth.
It is yours to decide and live out in this earthly world.

If you are not happy in your truth change what you believe
and it becomes a new truth.

My truth:
Everyone is equal, no better and no worse.
The only truth I can control is my own.
What I believe is my reality.
Where there is a will, there is a way.
I have to accept what comes my way,
like it or not life happens.
How I choose to live is my truth.
The truth is not good or bad, it is simply true.

It is impossible to lie to ones self,
we know ourselves better than that.
We know when we have tried to lie to ourselves
or convince ourselves of something that is not true.

At the end of the day,
what is true in our minds is true...……..

I am truly going to do my best every day,
to accept whatever my best is on every given day;
knowing that what I believe in my mind to be true
is true.

May your truth be satisfied,
may you truth be grateful,
may your truth be happy,
may your truth live in love; not fear
and may your truth be filled with peace.

Yours truly
In love and compassion,

Thursday, October 18, 2018


To surrender, or not to surrender
is the question

Surrender can be seen as a positive or a negative; 
no matter how you perceive it, there is always a change that comes along with it.

Another way Spirit works: 

Sitting in class a couple years ago there was a basket with a bunch of slips of paper with one word on each. I didn't know what the basket was for; however, I am always looking for Divine intervention  so I took a slip. At this time in my life the word 'surrender' wasn't even part of my vocabulary and there it was . I was fighting the fight every single day for one reason of another. I thought, well that was a mistake.....that was most certainly someone else's word, I'm no quitter. The owner of the basket came around and asked everyone to take a slip without looking. I did this swirling the papers around in my hand to ensure a different message.... yup, you guessed it, the same damn word. 

I have always identified the word surrender as being to give up, inevitably by waving the cliché white flag to let the attacker know you have no more fight in you and you submit.

When 'surrender' came up again, I looked it up and sure enough it meant exactly what I thought; so what was the message? I thought about it and came to the conclusion that the message was that  for me to heal all that was troubling me for so long I would have to do exactly what the tiny slip of paper insisted I do.

I decided I had nothing to lose and as hard and scary as it was, I gave up what was holding me back, I gave up my fear of the unknown, I gave up my attachment to a way of life that did not bring me joy, I gave up the hurt, the sorrow, the sadness, the unworthiness and I took a leap of faith that if I truly surrendered to my higher power and let go of all the pain; there would be room in my soul for the inner peace that had eluded me for so long.

Those who know me well may find that a little hard to believe as I was pretty good at 'putting on the survivor face'. What I know is there is a huge difference between surviving and living. I had to give up surviving and surrender to living. Go figure...….

I chose to surrender to life, sounds like an oxymoron but it is 100% true and now almost 49 years later I am no longer surviving, I am living and you can too!

The old adage "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is also true, surrender to what kills you. Draw strength from the power that hides behind fear; release the fear, release its power over you, let it go and LIVE!!! please :)

Love you

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Dear Ben,

Dear Ben,

Visiting you at the cemetery on your birthday was never the plan. The plan was for you to be here with Hillary raising your boys. Although I am grateful for the life you had with all of us it will never have been enough. We miss you and want to see your smile and hear your laugh again. I know you watch over all of us all the time..........

 As I write this, I’m sitting on your gravestone and I cry, listening to music, the random shuffle to see what you want me to hear today and your birthday ballon starts banging me in the back of  the  head right on cue, reminding me that your sense of humor is still here.

Stop your crying and laugh is what I hear. My memories of your silliness live on in a birthday balloon and in the spirits of those goofy little boys. I can’t help but laugh; thank you for making me smile through the tears and reminding me that you are always here. Two 333’s already this morning, I'm going to guess there will be many more before the end of the day and every day to come as there have been since the day you moved on to a higher level of consciousness surrounded by the love of those who share in the loving energy of the universe with you.

Until we meet again I will laugh and be silly in our honor. Thank you again for making me laugh once again which I know is the best medicine for all that ails you! Happy birthday ❤️

I love you kiddo
Momma k

PS last song 'Do you want to build a snowman?' lmao :)