Monday, January 22, 2018

Fall risk?!

This is the bracelet the nurse gave me at the hospital this morning
fall risk

Here is where the problem comes in; I already fell :) 
that is why I was in the Emergency Department.
I have been known to be pretty clumsy by nature
and when I rush or I am not being careful I am at risk.

We all have behaviors that put us at risk.
I believe the universe sent me a not quite so gentle reminder
that I needed to slow down and be more careful.
I am going to put this bracelet in a visible spot
to remind me that my life is fragile and
I need to be acknowledge my weaknesses
and be more aware of when I am at risk of injury.........
before I fall.

Universal God of love and compassion
I thank you for keeping me safe
even when I am not being careful.
I am grateful that today, although I fell;
nothing was broken.
Please watch over me in the days ahead as
I navigate my steps with the help of crutches
until I am once again able to stand on my own two feet.

Please also watch over and support all those
whose weaknesses at times have caused them to fall.
Open their eyes so that they may
see your healing hands
holding them and
guiding them toward recovery.

In peace, love, and healing
Rise & shine

Friday, January 12, 2018

If I had a nickel.............

If I had a nickel..........for every time I said to my kids, 'if I had a nickel'; I would be a bajillionaire!

When I realized how often I repeated this phrase, I realized I have a tendency to repeat a lot of things.

I repeat words, phrases, behaviors, thoughts, ideas, patterns and like most people although I am aware of these repeated actions and ideas; I don't always take responsibility for them or do what is needed to stop repeating the ones that do not serve my higher purpose.

It is easy to blame someone else for repeated patterns, 'if I had a nickel for every time you made me feel a certain way or for every time I believed in you. You have no idea what I've been through or one of my personal favorites, this time will be different; I mean it'. 

Unfortunately, the only person that can change your repeated behaviors and thought patterns is you. It would be nice to have someone wave a magic wand at you or you wave your magic wand at someone else, say 'abra cadabra' and magically the only repetitive things that remain are the fabulous ones. This is not reality, change is hard especially when these patterns have built up year after year; sometimes from the beginning of our lives.

Fortunately, changing patterns and repetitive nature is possible and probable by believing you can and taking steps every day to work on it.

First and foremost you must WANT to change,
you must DESIRE a different way of living

When you do, here are some ways to counteract the behaviors/ideas that do not serve your well being
-Know your triggers: people, places, things and avoid them at all costs  
-Change your environment: walk away, change your course
-Break down what you are thinking, doing, wanting when you repeat a pattern good/bad
-Think before you out the scenario in your head
-Replace the behavior/thought with one that brings joy
-Surround yourself with people who support your changes and hold themselves to the same standard   of loving care for humanity
-See yourself as the person you want to be
-Find a friend that has a habit to break as well and support each other
-Let go of failure statements, turn them into, I slipped but I will not fall
-COMMIT to your goal
-Have a plan
-Create your own mantra, always staying positive and in the present tense I am free, I am happy, I choose to see joy and I am worth every minute that I use to take care of myself 

If I had a nickel for every time I decided to move forward
toward my freedom from behaviors that don't serve me......
I'd have a pile of nickels that would continue to grow.......
and they will!

I will keep collecting nickels and I will be a bajillionare in mind, body, and spirit because I will choose every day to do everything in my power to free myself from my self-defeating behaviors and ideas because I am important and I have value, and I must first see the value in myself that the Divine Creator has always seen in me!!! God does not make mistakes, period!

Today I pray that every time you see a nickel, you be reminded of your value and embrace the positive, light filled changes that will occur when you believe in yourself

Believing in you today and always 
Peace & Love my friends


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Am I good enough?

Loving someone, no matter how much you love will not change their self destructive behaviors. No one could change mine, I alone have that power.

Saying more, doing more and trying to be more does not mean that someone will do the same for you, however, do it anyhow if it feels right.

Praying loud enough and hard enough doesn't always mean everything will change and all will be right with the world the way we see 'right'. Pray loud and hard because that too feels good and the divine source of all goodness indeed answers all prayers. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes it is I have something better planned for you, and sometimes the answer is simply wait; now is not the right time!

Having said that, let me say this, none of this matters because at the end of the day, when I believe I have fallen short, I ask myself, did I do my best for myself and for others? Did I love all those that share my space in this world with all my heart? Did I pray as deeply as I possibly could for peace in the lives of those I love? If I can answer yes to all these questions and on most days I can, then I am good, and the 'enough' part doesn't matter.

We may not always get the answers or responses we desire, however, how we choose to move forward in our lives in spite of that defines our character. We all fall short and by Grace from above we are loved, forgiven and cherished by the source of true mercy and kindness just because we are who we are. It is that simple.

Keep on keeping on and always be true to who you BELIEVE you are no matter the challenges you face or the people who may say differently and share this message of good with those you love who face their own sets of challenges.

It is not about falling, it is about rising and we rise by lifting others whether they want to be lifted or not.

Life happens and today I will work hard to remember that control is overrated. Personally, I like the idea of surrender. Surrendering the judgements we place on ourselves and others by letting go and letting God which can and will always bring about peace.

I offer you my love and peace,


Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy Birthday to you!

Let's begin this first day of the new year celebrating your birthday
which is today.

Let's also embrace each moment and remember that:
your presence
in the present
is the best present
you can give yourselves
and others! 

Definitions provided by

definitions of birth
an act or instance of being born:
the day of his birth.
any coming into existence; origin; beginning:
to initiate; originate:

Definitions of born
brought forth by birth.
possessing from birth the quality, circumstances, or character stated:

a born musician
native to the locale stated; immigrated to the present place from the locale stated:

a German-born scientist; a Chicago-born New Yorker.

Definitions of birthday
the anniversary of a birth.
a day marking or commemorating the origin, founding, or beginning of something. the festivities or celebration marking such a day or anniversary.

My official date of birth is October 25, and this year for my birthday I received a tattoo that represented one of the transformations I spoke of in my last post.

My precious gift

I have always had a great deal of difficulty with self love and have believed that I needed sources outside of myself to validate my worth. Although, I have always soul searched, this year was my year of living with the intention of focusing on believing in myself, my own power to heal, and my ability to harness that power to aid in healing others.  It was a rough year and at times I simply did not think I could make it through another day, however here I am. This does not make me better than anyone else in any way. It simply means I showed up, I was present. Sometimes I showed up looking like i just rolled out of bed and in a miserable mood and sometimes I showed up in my 'Sunday best' and faced the day like Wonder Woman. Again, neither appearance is more important than the other. I showed up regardless. Sometimes I showed up peering out from under a rock and sometimes I showed up shouting joyfully from the rooftops, but I showed up. If you are reading this than regardless of how you did it, you too, showed up, you were present and you are present, which makes you the present.

So yes! Today is your birthday and tomorrow is too. Please celebrate and know without a doubt that your presence in the present is a present to me and to the universe.

Happy Birthday to you my friend and may this year be full of birthday celebrations honoring the blessed gift you are.

With loving kindness, k