Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy Birthday to you!

Let's begin this first day of the new year celebrating your birthday
which is today.

Let's also embrace each moment and remember that:
your presence
in the present
is the best present
you can give yourselves
and others! 

Definitions provided by

definitions of birth
an act or instance of being born:
the day of his birth.
any coming into existence; origin; beginning:
to initiate; originate:

Definitions of born
brought forth by birth.
possessing from birth the quality, circumstances, or character stated:

a born musician
native to the locale stated; immigrated to the present place from the locale stated:

a German-born scientist; a Chicago-born New Yorker.

Definitions of birthday
the anniversary of a birth.
a day marking or commemorating the origin, founding, or beginning of something. the festivities or celebration marking such a day or anniversary.

My official date of birth is October 25, and this year for my birthday I received a tattoo that represented one of the transformations I spoke of in my last post.

My precious gift

I have always had a great deal of difficulty with self love and have believed that I needed sources outside of myself to validate my worth. Although, I have always soul searched, this year was my year of living with the intention of focusing on believing in myself, my own power to heal, and my ability to harness that power to aid in healing others.  It was a rough year and at times I simply did not think I could make it through another day, however here I am. This does not make me better than anyone else in any way. It simply means I showed up, I was present. Sometimes I showed up looking like i just rolled out of bed and in a miserable mood and sometimes I showed up in my 'Sunday best' and faced the day like Wonder Woman. Again, neither appearance is more important than the other. I showed up regardless. Sometimes I showed up peering out from under a rock and sometimes I showed up shouting joyfully from the rooftops, but I showed up. If you are reading this than regardless of how you did it, you too, showed up, you were present and you are present, which makes you the present.

So yes! Today is your birthday and tomorrow is too. Please celebrate and know without a doubt that your presence in the present is a present to me and to the universe.

Happy Birthday to you my friend and may this year be full of birthday celebrations honoring the blessed gift you are.

With loving kindness, k

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