Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Celebrating Hillary's life & Back to detox

July 12th was Hillary's 28th birthday!  

My precious angel on Earth!

Being a parent of someone who faces addiction is extremely hard. I know I am one of the fortunate and blessed ones because I still have my daughter in this life to celebrate birthdays with. 

A few weeks back I was invited to detox and had the privilege to sit with and look into the eyes of some pretty amazing folks who had made the choice to seek help. I shared with them, Hillary and Bens stories and told them how they too could find peace on the road that begins with the first steps toward recovery. I shared how Hillary had sat in the same chairs they were sitting in, had left and gone back as many of them had and how ultimately, the last time was she walked out those doors was several years ago. A woman in the front row stared at me with tears in her eyes and the hand of another patient on her shoulder as I spoke. When she had the opportunity to speak, she said, ‘this is MY time, I’m not coming back here again’! She shared how she was ready, she was grateful and she was going to rebuild her life the same way Hillary had. I believed her and I believed in her power to make it happen! I knew that come what may this woman had turned the corner the same way Hillary had; I could see it in her amazingly beautiful eyes. Hillary inspires me with her strength, courage and love every day. I am honored to be her mom and share her story of recovery to inspire others.

My friend (amazing guy in his own right) who invited me to come, sat with me and the rest of our SOS family in that room and shared stones that he had selected for the people he knew so well. Each and every person in the room shared what the stone they received meant to them and their recovery. I knew why I created SOS, what I didn't know was the varying impact it had on so many. We paint with an idea and what we want people to know. What I learned amongst this group on that Sunday was that the stones have an energy all their own. We may place the initial idea and energy into them, however it is the person who receives it that knows how and why (with the help of Spirit) it was intended for them. I sat in awe of what these simple little stones were capable of. Add in the global healing energy that our community shares and they are priceless, my detox family is priceless, you are priceless. On Friday I had the privilege of wishing my precious child Hillary, a happy 28th birthday and for that I will be forever grateful!

Today my prayer is that all who face this disease and those that love them will be able to share many more happy, healthy, peace filled recovery birthdays now and until the end of time! 

May the Divine love that lives within us all be ever present in your mind body and spirit!

Forever yours in love and hope xoxoxox k