Monday, September 10, 2018

Be nice and be happy

I was having a conversation about relationships with a couple I know which lasted for about an hour and a half or so. We were talking about the differences in how they saw and did things; neither was right or wrong, simply different perspectives, strengths and weaknesses. Another person was present while we chatted and I asked if when I left they would remind this couple of what we had spoken of and the love they shared. I said, 'what are you going to tell them while I'm away to keep the peace?' and his response was, 'be nice and be happy'.

I thought about everything we had talked about; all the words, details, the time it took to get the point across and Joe, was able to sum it up in 4 words!

When we face the challenges of living with addiction either in ourselves or those around us this concept can be hard to grasp. When emotions are at their  peak and we care about the one who is suffering or feel completely let down by a choice we have made it helps to take a step back and remember we are all fighting a battle that no one else can truly understand and the best way to move forward with loving kindness is to be nice and be happy. Not always easy to do; however always the best choice.

Thank you, Joe for your inspiration!

My prayer for today is that we all try a little
harder to be nice to ourselves and others
which will always lead to a happier life

Peace and joy be with you always!
blessings k