Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Saying goodbye is never easy

Saying goodbye is hard. Goodbye to a loved one who has left this life, goodbye to a loved one when there is a need to be separated, to an old car/home that has served you well,  to a school/job or anything that you have loved is NEVER easy.

Goodbye is also hard when it involves things that have not served you well. Leaving people places, things and ideas that are more of a hindrance than a help and most importantly leaving a way of life that does not serve your higher purpose can be just as hard because right or wrong there is an attachment.

Facing addiction either as the one directly affected or the ones that love them is hard. Addiction does not happen overnight; although, I have heard heroin, meth, and crack referred to as 'one and done' by many.

Goodbye to a way of life that doesn't feed your spirit is probably one of the most difficult ventures that one can undertake. The shame, fear, insecurity and cost to your mind body and spirit don't seem to matter so much when it's time to say that word.  There are so many reasons to move forward but that first step can feel like jumping off a cliff.

It is hard to move in a new direction not knowing what the outcome will be. When you choose to leave a way of life you must leave everything behind even some of the things that may have been a positive because they are too close in proximity to the people, places or things that are not.

If you are reading this please take a moment to pray however you are able, use your soul energy to send loving strength and compassion out into the universe for all those affected by change When I started this site almost three years ago in Ben's honor and memory, I knew my mission. That mission was and is to create a worldwide chain of collective soul energy to feed the spirits of those who need it most. I believe together, we do just that! 

Goodbye is hard, however it is necessary and impossible to avoid. How we approach goodbye is what will save us from the fear, shame and insecurity that once held us back.

The beauty of goodbye is that it is a chance at a new beginning and a chance to say hello!
Hello to a new way of thinking and being. Another chance at a life filled with hope, love safety, security and peace.

Blessings to you and yours as you face all todays and tomorrows in the knowledge that we as a community of believers in new beginnings will rise to say hello!

Loving you warmly Kristyn