Monday, July 12, 2021

Hillary's 30th Birthday, surviving a terminal illness

Just over a decade ago, I wasn't sure if Hillary would live to see her 20th birthday; let alone her 30th. Addiction is a disease that in too many cases is terminal when left untreated. 

Today and everyday I count my blessings that Hillary chose to get treatment and chooses everyday to never forget she has a disease that could kill her if she doesn't consciously take the steps necessary to keep the disease in 'remission'. 

The hardest part of loving someone with this disease is your inability to choose for them. They must always decide for themselves and it is painful to watch them in constant struggle, nearly die and in the most tragic cases leave this life forever. 

Today I thank God for my precious daughter who is alive! 

Hillary's smile lights up a room, her laughter is infectious. She is the most caring, compassionate and loving mother to her boys and Nova. She has found a kind and devoted person to spend the rest of her life with in Sean and embraces all the joy life has to offer. She never does anything half way which is why she is still here in this life determined to be the best everything she can possibly be and share her best with others. She has seen the dark side of life which makes her even more grateful for all that she has. 

I can confidently speak for all those who love Hillary when I say with the most sincere heartfelt gratitude, thank you Hillary for choosing life, this world is a better place because you are in it!

Divine Giver of life,
we give you thanks for the gift of Hillary
and the blessing of healing.

We humbly ask for your continued blessings
on Hillary, all those affected by the disease of addiction,
and all those who love them.

Keep in your care those who reside with you in Spirit 
and provide comfort for those who suffer with the pain of addiction in this life and
send your infinite love to smooth the edges of  the hole the loss of a loved leaves behind.

Now and forevermore may you feel the love of God, the Divine,
 the fully unknowable surrounding you
and may all who live with this dreaded disease
live to see another day, week, month, and monumental birthday!

As I offer my gratitude for Hillary, I share in the sadness of loss faced by the mom's who now celebrate remembrances of birthday's past. I hold you in my heart and soul, pray for your healing with the truest belief in a higher power who holds them until the time when we are all reunite in Spirit.

Peace be with you
Love you always