Monday, June 4, 2018

Guest article David Cook

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How to Meet Your Recovery Goals

Have you resolved to make this the year you stay true to your recovery goals? If so, then we congratulate you on taking this important step. The rewards you'll reap make the effort more than worthwhile. In this post, we'll share tips from business and life coaching experts who can help you to resist temptation and achieve lasting sobriety.

Breaking It All Down

According to Inc., any goal is easier to achieve if you break in down into short, medium, and long-range steps. Let's see how this principle applies to staying sober. You can start by deciding you will stay clean until the end of the current month; then, at that point, commit yourself to remaining sober for the following 90 days, then the next six months and so on, till at the end you look back and realize you've made it an entire year.

Writing It All Down

Setting your goals down on paper changes them from vague thoughts to concrete objectives in your mind. Those who take this step are 42 percent more likely to enjoy success, according to HuffPost. Keep the list handy and refer to it often. You may want to post it in your office or other work area as a reminder throughout the months to come.

Reward Yourself

Have a little celebration each time you reach a goal. For example, let's say you meet your initial end of the month commitment. Good for you! Now reward your diligence with a movie, a massage or something else you enjoy. Do this every time you achieve an objective and you'll find yourself becoming more in your ability to go the distance.

Stay Positive, Even in the Face of Setbacks

Beating yourself up after a setback can do more harm than good. If you tell yourself you're a lazy, pathetic, no-good loser, then your brain will assume you know what you're talking about and adjust your behavior accordingly. Focusing on the causes of the relapse rather than on yourself is a far better strategy. Failing from time to time doesn't make you a failure.

Commit to Other Health-Affirming Habits

Ever heard the saying "birds of a feather stick together?" It applies to habits, too. Making physical activity and nutritious eating a regular part of your life will help you to stick to your recovery plan while boosting your overall well being. Here are some diet and exercise tips to keep in mind:

      Short, intense workouts can do as much as good for you as longer, more arduous routines. This is great news for those whose time is limited.

      Fad diets may offer quick results, but the weight loss rarely lasts. Stick with sound nutritional practices like eating lean protein, getting lots of fiber and enjoying non-starchy veggies raw or with minimal cooking.

      Give yourself a pat on the back every time you finish a workout or eat a healthy meal. This kind of self-affirmation is great for forging lifelong habits.

Stay in touch with your support team

Your sponsor, your healthcare provider and your loved ones all play vital roles in your recovery. Stay in touch with them and let them know how much you appreciate their help and support. You can never have too many people on your team.

Focus on the future

Use the tips in this post as your guide, and in 12 months, you'll look back with pride at how far you've come. Best of luck as you work toward your dreams.

 Thank you Adam for sharing our perspective on recovery. Recovery is a process that is unique to every person and I am grateful for your willingness to share! Please check out Adam's site

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