Wednesday, June 26, 2019

17 months later I fell again

Two weeks ago I fell and have been in therapy ever since trying to heal the damage I did to my knee. Seventeen months ago I fell and I'd love to say those are the only times I have fallen; however, they are not. Over the past ten years, I have fallen enough times to require rehabs and surgeries more times than I care to recall.

I tell myself over and over, be careful, slow down; somehow I forget.....until it happens again. then I beat myself up for not taking the necessary precautions to protect myself from harm.

I move too fast for my body and my mind seems to forget my fall risk over time.

Relapse and recovery from addiction works in very similar ways due the nature of the minds ability to forget the discomfort associated with trauma. It is a defense mechanism the body/brain has to aid in healing.

I spent some time at detox a couple weeks ago sharing stones and the folks I visited with were predominantly repeat visitors. They knew they didn't want to be there again; however, there they were.

Today I ask that you join me in sending compassionate healing energy to those who have fallen, either for the first time or have fallen once again, that they would feel your strength and love surrounding them and holding them up until they are able to once again stand on their own two feet.

This post is in honor of my extended family over at the Intercommunity Detox Center in Hartford and the staff who so lovingly support those who have fallen and have decided to face another day trying to stand on their own in new and more stable ways.

I was asked to create a stone that says SERENITY as a reminder to a young man who is embracing his desire to 'change the things he can' and I have no doubt he will!

Peace, love and hope for a future with less falls 

xox k