Friday, January 12, 2018

If I had a nickel.............

If I had a nickel..........for every time I said to my kids, 'if I had a nickel'; I would be a bajillionaire!

When I realized how often I repeated this phrase, I realized I have a tendency to repeat a lot of things.

I repeat words, phrases, behaviors, thoughts, ideas, patterns and like most people although I am aware of these repeated actions and ideas; I don't always take responsibility for them or do what is needed to stop repeating the ones that do not serve my higher purpose.

It is easy to blame someone else for repeated patterns, 'if I had a nickel for every time you made me feel a certain way or for every time I believed in you. You have no idea what I've been through or one of my personal favorites, this time will be different; I mean it'. 

Unfortunately, the only person that can change your repeated behaviors and thought patterns is you. It would be nice to have someone wave a magic wand at you or you wave your magic wand at someone else, say 'abra cadabra' and magically the only repetitive things that remain are the fabulous ones. This is not reality, change is hard especially when these patterns have built up year after year; sometimes from the beginning of our lives.

Fortunately, changing patterns and repetitive nature is possible and probable by believing you can and taking steps every day to work on it.

First and foremost you must WANT to change,
you must DESIRE a different way of living

When you do, here are some ways to counteract the behaviors/ideas that do not serve your well being
-Know your triggers: people, places, things and avoid them at all costs  
-Change your environment: walk away, change your course
-Break down what you are thinking, doing, wanting when you repeat a pattern good/bad
-Think before you out the scenario in your head
-Replace the behavior/thought with one that brings joy
-Surround yourself with people who support your changes and hold themselves to the same standard   of loving care for humanity
-See yourself as the person you want to be
-Find a friend that has a habit to break as well and support each other
-Let go of failure statements, turn them into, I slipped but I will not fall
-COMMIT to your goal
-Have a plan
-Create your own mantra, always staying positive and in the present tense I am free, I am happy, I choose to see joy and I am worth every minute that I use to take care of myself 

If I had a nickel for every time I decided to move forward
toward my freedom from behaviors that don't serve me......
I'd have a pile of nickels that would continue to grow.......
and they will!

I will keep collecting nickels and I will be a bajillionare in mind, body, and spirit because I will choose every day to do everything in my power to free myself from my self-defeating behaviors and ideas because I am important and I have value, and I must first see the value in myself that the Divine Creator has always seen in me!!! God does not make mistakes, period!

Today I pray that every time you see a nickel, you be reminded of your value and embrace the positive, light filled changes that will occur when you believe in yourself

Believing in you today and always 
Peace & Love my friends


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