Monday, January 22, 2018

Fall risk?!

This is the bracelet the nurse gave me at the hospital this morning
fall risk

Here is where the problem comes in; I already fell :) 
that is why I was in the Emergency Department.
I have been known to be pretty clumsy by nature
and when I rush or I am not being careful I am at risk.

We all have behaviors that put us at risk.
I believe the universe sent me a not quite so gentle reminder
that I needed to slow down and be more careful.
I am going to put this bracelet in a visible spot
to remind me that my life is fragile and
I need to be acknowledge my weaknesses
and be more aware of when I am at risk of injury.........
before I fall.

Universal God of love and compassion
I thank you for keeping me safe
even when I am not being careful.
I am grateful that today, although I fell;
nothing was broken.
Please watch over me in the days ahead as
I navigate my steps with the help of crutches
until I am once again able to stand on my own two feet.

Please also watch over and support all those
whose weaknesses at times have caused them to fall.
Open their eyes so that they may
see your healing hands
holding them and
guiding them toward recovery.

In peace, love, and healing
Rise & shine

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