Sunday, December 31, 2017

The best prescription for 2018 to heal all that ails you!

Happy New Year's Eve 2017

Good morning, 
Today when I was getting ready to start my day I was frustrated, thinking about the many challenges I would face over the next couple of days and within the first months of 2018.  Without getting into too much detail; let's just say that every single aspect of my life is changing. My relationship with family members, my relationship with myself, and living arrangements, and foremost my relationship with my higher power.

Needless to say, with all this change I have been 'scared to death' as the old adage goes. Fear associated with life changes is normal and expected, however how we choose to deal with fear is where the message I received this morning comes in.

Here is the message: My children who know me so very well, know that I do my best  to choose the path of 'love and light'. Each gift I received this Christmas had a reminder of these values that I cling to.

Hillary who is still working her recovery and brings into my life immense feelings of pride over her choice every day to 'see the light', even in the dark which appears from time to time; gave me a Lush hand lotion called 'love and light' that has the most lovely scent and helps with the pain associated with the dryness I experience in my hands this time of year.

Back to this morning; my hands are dry and hurt, I look on my bureau and there is 'love and light' for me to sooth my pain.

Yes! Love & Light

This is what love and light means to me: fear, sadness, frustration, loneliness and pain all show up in our lives. Sometimes it seems like these feelings show up more than the feelings of peace, love, joy, and comfort. What I was reminded of this morning when I chose to gently rub love and light all over my hands is, it helped. Yes the dryness will come back but when it does, I will apply more love and light.

2018 will be here before you know it, please make the choice to choose to heal your wounds with love and light. Choosing to try to heal yourself with people, places and substances that ultimately cause more pain and suffering will bring exactly that, more suffering.

I am not a doctor, although I play one on t.v. (sorry couldn't resist) however, I will offer you this prescription for all the ailments in your life and the lives of those you love;

RX for 2018
Find love and light wherever you can.
It comes in many different forms 
and there is no co-pay.
If you are having trouble finding it,
look to the people (and sometimes furry friends)
who seem to have an abundance and ask them to share.
Anyone who has love and light is always willing 
to give some away and will usually share with you
where they found it.
Reapply as often as necessary 
until peace and calm occur.
dosage: 24hours a day seven days a week
with unlimited refills!

Every time I reach out to the universe in prayer, knowing you are all on this journey with me, replenishes my supply of love and light, thank you for another year of sharing the blessing of community with me. I love you all and wish you 
an abundance of love & light in the coming year and beyond.

In the name of all that is bright and shining 
peace and love, k

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