Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The missing piece/peace

Healing mind, body and spirit,
takes a great deal of time and energy.

The recovery process is like a puzzle.

When one piece is missing, 
the puzzle is not complete.

If you have looked for the piece in your current
surroundings and haven't found it, maybe it is
time to look elsewhere.

Walking at the park this morning, I saw these 
puzzle pieces on the ground.

Probably not the place you would go 
looking for them and yet there they were.

take a moment to think about which pieces
may be missing from your puzzle...........
What piece could you add to what you already have
in front of you that would help you to feel 
more complete?

When you figure it out, go out and find the pieces,
put them in place, 
use puzzle glue to hold it all together,
and be careful; glue or no glue puzzles are fragile.
Treat them with TLC to keep them together.

Divine Spirit of love & compassion,
thank you for watching over all of the pieces of our lives.
Keep us safe and help us to seek out what is missing.
Guide us on the path toward healing;
greet us at the beginning of each day with a renewed strength
and tuck us in each night with the knowledge 
that we hold the power to become whole once again.

prayers for peace in each piece,
love you(rself)

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  1. Your writings are inspirational and beautiful heart pieces of you. Bj


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