Monday, May 7, 2018


Addiction is a disease that causes dis-ease;
Dis-ease causes relapse,
and relapse sucks.
For the person who is addicted 
and for those that love them.

Relapse hurts
because it causes shame 
and self-loathing.

Just when think you have this thing beat,
it rears its ugly head 
and you are back at day one.

You are your own worst nightmare;
you don't need anyone to tell you that
you screwed up, because you already know.

Please see today as a new beginning.
Yesterday is in the past and that cant be changed.
Today is the present, when something isn't working
sometimes it is necessary to start over;
and you can't start over at day two.
It has to be day one.

just because.......

On day one
I WILL accept the challenge to begin anew.
I WILL forgive myself for falling.
I WILL accept that for change to occur I must choose to change.
I WILL give day one my best shot
and not sabotage my future because of my past.
I WILL surround myself with those who will build me up
and accept me for who I am.

First and foremost on day one, I will remember
(no matter how hard)
that I am loved, valued and I am worth MY OWN effort.

May you feel the warmth of Divine love
helping you along your path on day one,
two, three, four....................
If you are beginning recovery again,
the relapse has passed and is in the past.


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