Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The loss of a pacifier....

As I walked my usual path this morning
I saw this pacifier sitting on the ground.

I wondered how the child it belonged to responded when
they realized it was no longer there.
I am guessing it was either discarded in a moment
when the belief was that it was no longer necessary
or that it was dropped accidentally.

Learning to live in recovery is very much like
learning to live without a pacifier.

No matter how you became addicted to either a substance 
or a behavior really doesn't matter.
The only thing that matters is the relief that is felt
when the pacifier is used.

It is not my intention to simplify
what is a very painful way to live; however,
sometimes taking something back to its simplest
level can help begin to heal it.

For an infant/toddler putting the pacifier in your mouth 
brings instant gratification.

There are times when all of us could use a quick fix
to deal with painful circumstances in our lives.

The problem lies in the FACT that the quick fix
is a contradiction.
It may be quick but it does not fix. It does
nothing to heal the long term; only the moment.

Did that child's parent/caregiver race out and replace it,
did they have a backup so there would be no

I believe the answer lies in the question,
was the child ready to try to accept life without it.

I will never know, and it is not my place to know
as that child's journey is not my own.

What I do know is that each and every one of us
on this earth and beyond have chosen to self-soothe
at one time or another with something/someone/someway
that probably wasn't the best choice at the time.

What I also know is that today is another day
and tomorrow is another day and the next and the next
and the next.

Although tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
giving up today because tomorrow may not come
is very simply unacceptable.
Your life is worth way more than that;
whether you see it or not.

We have to make the decision for ourselves
when we are ready to leave the pacifier of
instant gratification for long-term gratification.

Choosing to pacify yourself with people places and things
that are healthier and love you more than
any substance, shopping trip, big win at the casino
or anything else that doesn't serve your higher purpose
is always going to lead you closer to inner peace.

Today, my prayer for you is
that your life overflows with 
an abundance of loving kindness.
That the joy and happiness
loving kindness brings 
helps sooth your every need.
Finally, That you may find in this life
everything you need for your
spirit to soar!

May the merciful God of all creation
guide you toward a path of peace
today and always

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