Sunday, April 1, 2018


Good morning & Happy Easter!

There is no better day to remember death in it's many forms than Easter. In the Christian tradition, without the death of Jesus, there would be no Easter. One can not rise if there was never a fall.

When we are born we spend how ever long we have in the physical realm in a series of falls. Our first fall, from Spirit to our mother's womb, our fall out of that womb into our life on earth, and eventually we all fall one last time back into the arms of God.

God did not intend for any of His creation to travel this journey alone. Throughout history it was always about connections, working toward living with others in harmony and in unity. Although, there will always be times it is necessary to travel by yourself just as Jesus did when he went off to  ponder and pray in solitude; he always came back. His desire was to have His people know his presence even when He was out of their sight.

God has taught me, through Jesus that my first name is 'child of God'. The name child of God is a blessing to all without regard to your religious or spiritual beliefs.

This weekend and the lead up to it, are always very difficult for me. The death of a man (a child of god) who was sent to teach loving kindness and was crucified because people were afraid of the power of that love; I simply have a hard time accepting.

Here is where God shows up again, right where He always is, in God the creator, God the human, and God the spirit. 

We may be by ourselves at different times in our lives but we are NEVER ALONE!

This week I spent some time by myself in the cemetery where the urn that holds some of Ben's cremains is buried.

I spend a lot of time here and love being in the presence of the remains of the physicality of those that have died to their human form. I choose those words carefully because it is not the end, the end is only the end of one period in time and the beginning of a new life in a new dimension. The dimension we came from, the dimension that we are called back to. It is our new relationship, a new way of believing and feeling and seeing the love of God which surrounds us each and every day.

Look around you and see the people God has placed in your life to help and guide you toward serving your higher purpose. Look to those that want to be with you on your journey, look to those that share in the message that Jesus left behind; we are all His people though God. Whatever your faith tradition may be, you were created by the love of God.

God‘s love is for everyone, in my tradition, God sacrificed and gifted me with Jesus to show me just how much that love means. It is beyond anything that I can even begin to fully understand and every day is a new opportunity to try. The more I see myself as a child of God who belongs in this world living out my life the best way I can and sharing my love with others the closer my relationships become and the more peace I find within my spirit to choose a life of love and light and the path toward victory that is set before me.

Ben is buried in a memorial garden infinity loop. When I visit I walk this loop that never ends and I am reminded that even if  I choose to stop and step off of the loop, the loop remains, it will continue on and on and is there for me when I am ready.

I believe from the depths of my soul that nothing is ever truly over, nothing ever ends. Life and afterlife holds many changes and I embrace them.

Visit a cemetery, smile, talk, laugh and cry; as you do, remember the love of God through Spirit surrounds us all yesterday, today and for all tomorrows to come.

He is Risen, 
He is risen indeed!


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