Friday, March 16, 2018


Good morning, and it is just that.....
A good morning!

Connections are what make things work, they are what keeps our world together. Connecting boards, bricks and stones is what builds our homes. Bones connect with each other and tissue to keep our body mobile. Connecting polar opposites to a source keeps our homes lit at night.

Connections of our mind, body and spirit is what makes us whole. Each piece of this equation is imperative for the whole to function at its highest level.

Please take a moment to think about
the connections you have to people in your life...........

What do these connections bring into your life?
Does this connection bring you joy?
Does this connection feed your spirit?
Does this connection keep your body strong?
Does this connection aid in your feelings of comfort/peace?

Now please take a moment to think about
each person, individually and ask yourself
is this a healthy connection?

Now, I would like you to think about what would happen if you severed the connection to people that do not serve your higher purpose in life.

There is a ritual that you can do that will help to release the connections that are not healthy for you that has helped me immensely; Another tool for the 'healing tool box'. 

A message from a cup of tea

Find a place that you can sit quietly
Imagine a cord connecting you to the source of the unhealthy connection
Visualize yourself cutting through the cord
(this is the fun part)
You can cut through the cord with whatever your heart desires.
Scissors, knife, machete, axe, machine gun anything that will break the ties that bind you.
Now visualize the cord parts separating in the air 
see your cord coming back into your space surrounded by 
a white light of protection.
See the other cord drifting off into space
and taking with it any and all negative sensations.

This takes practice, however it works! I promise. When you first start it is hard to see the other piece drift away as for most of us letting go of connections is really hard. Remember if you put yourself in close proximity to the other end it can fuse itself back together, almost as if it is looking to attach again for it knows it was once together. That is when you repeat the prayer below and watch it drift farther and farther away with each and every moment that you are being surrounded by the light of love.

Prayer for the release of connection 
Most Divine and compassionate God
I thank you for the connections you have placed in my life 
that have brought me joy and peace.
I also thank you for the connections that did not as they 
taught me a lesson that I needed to learn.
Today I ask that you would please strengthen the ties that 
bind me to you and those that help me to be and see my best self.
Help me to weaken and separate completely from the connections
that do nothing to serve my higher power
that is strengthened by the love you share with me through
your presence in my life and the presence of those that 
have crossed my path to teach me love of myself and others.

May the peace and love of connections to those that 
bind you to the loving spirit of the universe 
bless you and keep you in joy today and for all eternity.

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