Thursday, March 8, 2018

It is the 3rd anniversary of Ben's leaving this life and this is what I know.....

There are very few things I am certain of;
however, this is what I know
beyond a shadow of a doubt.

People enter our lives for a reason,
they enter to teach us something
and/or for us to teach them.

Benjamin Mark Comparone
entered this life on October 9th, 1988

He changed the world.
I can say this with certainty because we all do,
each and every one of us has a purpose.

Big or small doesn't matter.

Ben gave the world his full attention
even if it wasn't for as long as we wanted,
he was present; that was a gift and still is.

Ben loved deeply and was loved just as deeply.

I only knew Ben for a short time
however in that time here's what I know.

In this life Ben was a person full of passion.
Passion for love,
passion for family,
passion for music,
passion for humor.
passion for the GIANTS
Ben did nothing half way,
When he set his mind on something
he gave it his all.

Ben's presence in my life changed me
for the better.

Ben fought his disease every day,
do not be fooled by his no longer living
on this plain.

He was a fighter and he fought with the same passion 
with which he lived.

Here is more of what I know.
He loved my daughter unconditionally; so much so that
he blessed her with two young men 
who will live on in his image 
with his legacy of love;
reminding us everyday that love truly never dies.

He taught Hillary how to be a fighter,
how to stand up and keep standing.
He believed in her, and still does.

Ben was, is and always will be 
one of my greatest miracles
and I will rejoice on the day that we meet again.

If you are able,
call, text, email, show up on the doorstep
of someone you know who is suffering and is in the 
throes of addiction or someone who is working their recovery
and hug them, tell them you love them,
tell them their life is a gift to you,
and that they are an important
part of the universal plan.
That their life: indeed, has a purpose.

Tell them that your love is unconditional
and that even though you may not always 
agree with their choices you will always
pray for their peace and joy.

Every year this day comes with great sadness 
over the loss of Ben's physical presence
with all of us here.

And every year this day is a reminder that Ben lived,
and that brings me joy. He has given me so many gifts
and I chose to share his gift of love, knowledge
of addiction and fighting spirit with all of you.

Our community has grown exponentially 
over the past two years
which brings me joy. 
I am grateful for all of you 
who choose to stand with me and rise above
the stigmas that have been associated with this disease.

Love is Love
Light is all around us
Be love and be light

and may the peace of the Divine
be with you today and always

HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS tomorrow and I will share a  very special gift Ben gave us all 
(a reason to celebrate on this day)

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