Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I'll be okay when...

 The other day I realized I spend a lot of time saying
it'll all be okay when.........

This happens or that happens...
or this is finished or that is started...

Then I realize that every time 
this happens or that happens

I find some other event
to replace that one with to keep myself
from comfortably moving forward.

and then I become frustrated
with myself for not being okay
right now.

The expectations we place on ourselves
to 'get over it', whatever it is;
can be very damaging to our spirit.

I know this,
however, knowing and doing
something about it 
are not the same thing.

I shared this with my sister-in-law, Brit
 and she very gently smiled at me
and said it is okay and it'll take time
for it to be more than okay.
She is so very wise (and chill) and I love her ❤

There will always be something
or someone to worry about.
That is for certain, today is no exception.
Life is hard and to find joy and peace
can take a lot of effort.

Here is something else I am certain about.
The alternative is not an option.
I will take the loss, sadness, grief
and frustration every second of every day
if it means I get to spend most of the seconds
with those I love and who love me
and sometimes sharing my love with those
that have never felt that kind of love before.

At the end of the day in joy and in sadness
it is okay because tomorrow holds
a new opportunity, 
a new beginning and
if you choose
a sense of the adventure
that just could be the start of
something miraculous
and WAY better than okay.

.......and when in doubt a little 
puppy love goes a long way!

Loved you then, 
love you still,
always have and I always will


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