Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The black Slug

Came across this little critter in our travels. At first glance it was hard to determine what we'd found. It looked like something other than what it was. Research taught us it was a black slug. It appeared to be pretty harmless, however upon further investigation we learned that it could be invasive and lead to the destruction of otherwise healthy ecosystems. Here's what we learned about slugs.

They prey on the seedlings

They are resilient and have developed ways 
to be more tolerant of their surroundings 
increasing their survival rates

If an ecosystem has a sensitive species 
the black slug can have a negative impact because of the
increased pressure on what is already compromised.

They are predominantly nocturnal to avoid being exposed to light,
caught and or eradicated.

They start small attacking one plant at a time
until an entire community is affected.

Sound familiar...………

Do not be fooled, if it looks like a slug, hangs out where slugs hang out, it is most probably a slug!
Look out for predatory creatures, they are everywhere and know your weaknesses.

All God's creatures have a place in our multiverse. Slugs are no exception; they are food for other creatures and are part of the natural order of things. All slugs should be not be removed, to do so would harm our ecosystems in many ways; however, we need to be aware of the dangers of their presence and choose our connection to them wisely. 

Divine Creator of all,
We give you thanks for your spirit among us.
Help us to look for the best in all your creatures.
We know your will is for us to choose
a path of love and light through you and with you
in our healthiest way. Surround us with those
who choose to feed our, at times, fragile spirit;
leaving behind the creatures that would destroy our roots!

In Peace let us pray for healing for all who 
need your loving presence today and always


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