Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Saving the baby...................

Almost a year ago, Izabel found a baby bird (nestling) on the ground below the birdhouse that the same family of birds nests in every year. It was still alive, however it did not seem as though it would be for very long. She was devastated and cried to me that we had to save this bird. I knew that there was no way we could save it, that for it to survive the parents would have to take it back. This was a strong little bird, I believe it got too close to the edge and simply fell out. The mom and dad sat on the house chirping and flying around frantically, but there was nothing they could do. I researched what our options were while Izabel held it in a towel, praying that it would be okay.  To my surprise, the sites I looked at said that if we knew where it came from to put it back and wait. I carefully climbed the ladder with the baby in my hand and shoved it in the hole of the house while the mom and dad looked on. The baby chirped so loudly while I held it that it actually scared me a bit. I nervously climbed down and watched as the mom and dad both flew in to the nest chirping loudly as well and then there was silence. The family was back together and it seemed as though the baby would be okay. I am certain those parents probably slept with one eye open until that little bird could fly on its own, for fear of losing it again.


At times our little birds fall, and hopefully they realize how hard it is out there without the support of those that love them. Today my prayer is that all our little ones make it back to the nest safe and sound and that there are plenty of Izabels out there to show them the way and to never give up hope.

All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all
Thank you for your mercy and kindness
toward those that have fallen
I ask that you bless their lives
with those that will look out for them until
they are home safely

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