Friday, July 1, 2016

Pennies from heaven!

Pennies from heaven is a phrase known by many people; it is a belief that when you find a penny (or dime, nickel or quarter) that they are little reminders from those who have left this life that they are still with us and watching over us.

I believe this is true, often when I am either sad or contemplative I will find a penny and instantly a face pops into my head, sometimes it is my step dad, Ben or a patient that I have lost (I lose a lot, I work in hospice). It brings to mind some memory or thought that they want me to remember. There has been a lot of challenges in my life recently and I seem to be finding more of those pennies from heaven. I am happy when I find them and even happier when I find them in the most random places where they don't necessarily belong. When I have looked at the same spot over and over and then the next time I look there they are, it is a mystery to me and that is okay, some mysteries don't need to be solved.

I have a top loading high efficiency washing machine (random information) and this morning I decided to clean it. There is a tablet that you place in the washer when it is empty and you run the cleaning cycle.  The top door of my washer is glass and you can see in. I started the cycle with it completely empty and wiped down and about 1/2 way through I happened to walk by and look in.

This is what I saw

Another penny from heaven, sitting right there at the bottom of the tub in plain sight. The difference with this penny is that it is so worn down that it was hard to tell that it was what it was, however it is still a penny.

I was having a bit of a rough morning; trying to rebuild things that have been broken for quite a while is hard work and at I was feeling pretty worn out myself.  What I needed was a little pick me up from the universe and there it was. A penny, worn out almost unrecognizable and yet still a penny!

Dear lord
although sometimes our lives seem almost unrecognizable
I am grateful that you still see ME
in spite of the wear & tear
Thank you for your compassion
and your pennies from heaven
Love, Kristyn

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