Wednesday, June 29, 2016

If you are waiting for a sign, this is it!

Signs are everywhere, they are there for our protection and as reminders. I have a collection of signs at home that serve as reminders to me of things that I believe. I often forget things that I shouldn't and when I place signs around my home I am reminded of what is important to me.


There are also spiritual signs that I receive daily to remind me that the divine Spirit is watching over me. At times I get caught up in worry, or fear and I am reminded that although some things may be in my control most things are not. It is a big, big world out there with tons of factors that play roles in our lives. I didn't always see the signs, even when they were staring me right in the face. When we don't heed the signs to be careful or pay attention to the people and things in our lives, there is a greater likelihood of things taking a turn for the worse. I have learned as I have grown to pay attention to the signs. I pay attention to the signs when there is difficulty in relationships. I pay attention to physical signs that there may be something going on with my body, and I do my best to pay attention to those that I love to see the signs that they are doing okay or they are not. 

As the saying goes, "hindsight is 20/20" meaning when you look back, the signs were probably there,  but there was something keeping you from seeing them. 

Heavenly Spirit,
Thank you for eyes to see, ears to hear
and an open heart to welcome the signs
you place in my life every day,
signs of your gracious love

May the signs of peace and love from all that is Holy fill your world today and always


Today I would like to remind you that when something doesn't seem quite right, it probably isn't. And when you think you are seeing or feeling a sign, don't ignore it. That is Spirits way of nudging you, that little voice in your head that works to guide you. I have started looking and listening more so that I don't have to look back with regret. 

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