Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Stages of change (Psych Central)

This weekend Annie and I attended the annual CAP (Clergy Assistance Program) conference that focused on support for those helping people with issues related to addiction. One of the speakers spoke of the stages of change. These stages were initially related to addiction/alcoholism, however, they would seem to be  grounds for any behavior/habit that needs to be modified.
The six stages are:
  • precontemplation (not thinking about change, don't see a problem, people are exaggerating)
  • contemplation (consider the possibility of a problem, however still 'on the fence')
  • determination (problem is recognized, pros and cons have been weighed and a decision is made to change)
  • action (public commitment to change, put plan for recovery and change into action)
  • maintenance (building new patterns of behavior, successful change)
  • termination (destructive behavior/addiction, less of a threat of relapse)

This is a super simplified way of looking a theory that researchers studied for a long time, although the idea of breaking it down into steps makes complete sense. Annie and I both thought it was interesting enough to write down the steps for those that are working towards recovery and those that love them.

At times we are quick to say "just stop", you know it is wrong; without the understanding that change is a process and generally does not occur over night.
Today my prayer is that each and every person who is touched by this disease find a place in their hearts for patience. Patience with themselves and patience with those who are trying to change their lives, one step at a time.

I loved you then,
I love you still,
I always have,
I always will!

Peace be with you,
*Today's pics are from a memorial garden at a facility I work at

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