Sunday, June 26, 2016

Luke I am your father.......

The "lighter" side

Everyone in life has "that person" that lives on the dark side and tries to lure you over to join them. (My era) Star Wars, Darth Vader was was that guy. He tries to convince Luke of all the advantages of turning to a life of evil winning over good. He claims to care about his well being although all he really wants is Luke's power. Most of us spend at least a portion of our lives trying to figure out how good we have to be. The inner struggles we face at times can be overwhelming. It is not always easy to take the higher ground. Often, It's a lot easier to go down or stay down  than it is to try to climb back up. Today I am asking you to choose the light side instead of giving in to the dark side. 
The view from higher ground is usually much more enticing than the view from the bottom. You deserve the light, we all do. 

 Photo compliments of Bert's Star Wars album

May the force be with you,

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