Thursday, June 23, 2016

What is my faith? and an invitation to all

The prayers that I and my family hold up for all of you is nondenominational in the sense that I believe that when you send positive messages out to the universe they are heard by the universal God of love. My faith and beliefs are in Jesus Christ and the God of love who sent Him to this life first, as a baby, a reminder of new life and hope. Secondly, to be a teacher of what true love looks like, to show us the ultimate sacrifice of earthly death that was made in this life so that our life will be eternal. Finally, to send out the very spirit of true love into our lives until the end of time. For those of you who don't know Him, it is my prayer that when you finish reading this you will have a better understanding of why I love the divine spirit of God, and Jesus, the Son, who loves me and you just the way we are.

I believe that Jesus was born to teach us all how to love unconditionally and to be a living example of the golden rule; do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  I would like to add that do unto others also means do unto yourself. At times when we fall short and we ALL fall short it is not only in situations that involve others, it is often times in how we treat ourselves. Many of us spend so much time beating ourselves up and feeling unworthy that we do not need anyone else to, we do enough damage on our own. I say again, by the grace of God, I am loved and forgiven always, and so are you. Jesus understands that we are going to fall down, He does not expect perfection, he very simply wants us to look at who we are, what we say, do, don't say, and don't do, and try again. Just don't give up, He has certainly never given up on us. Jesus spent his life spreading love and compassion for all, his love was not simply for the folks that were his followers, He spent his time, and taught his disciples to not only love the people who chose to follow Him but to seek out those whom others would have seen as "unclean", or not good enough. This is the Son of the God of Love and compassion. One of the songs we sing at my church is Awesome God, the main verse in this song is; our God is an awesome God, He reigns from heaven above with wisdom power and love. THIS, is the God whom I sing my praises to, the one who gave up their only Son so that we would all have forgiveness and live eternally in the comfort of the kingdom. The one who knows us better than we know ourselves, the one who wants us to succeed and be happy in this world and beyond.

Grace, is another priceless gift that God, through Jesus gives us. Favor, good will, kindness, love, mercifulness, charity and forgiveness are the words that you will find in the dictionary when you look up grace. Grace is not given because it has been earned, grace is intended for all people, including those that have not necessarily earned it at all, which is all of us. When I fall down, which is often, I know that God's Holy Spirit is hovering right over me with arms outstretched saying take my hand, I will help you up, always.


The Bible and its teaching are way more complicated than this; as a child, I did not have religion, yet I did have faith. As an adult I found the love Of God, through Jesus and have done my best to share that love with others throughout my life because how could I not? This love that says you are special, you are worthy, I love you unconditionally forever and for always. This is the love we all deserve or don't necessarily deserve but the love we receive anyhow. My God loves me and my God loves all of you, all that is asked is to believe and no matter how many times you fall down, please, get back up. How could I not believe, how could you?

This is why I believe what I do, however I am certain there are many of you reading this that share these same types of beliefs, only in the form of a different higher power. That is because the similarities in faiths that honor love and compassion have very similar "golden rules". I am certain that there are many of you who share a belief in Jesus and yet do not see Him the way I do, that is the beauty of faith, it can be and is a little different for everyone. This is why I believe what I believe and yet I am able to believe that what you believe is just as important and true, (be on the look out for that post).

Here's the disclaimer part; There is WAY more to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that I am still learning about, however for now, knowing this God by love and grace will get me by as I continue to grow in my faith. God is God, is God; one God showing love, compassion, and support to all people, period.

This Sunday, June 26th at 9:00am, I will be offering our SOS message to my congregation. My church is Grace (Yes, Grace) Lutheran on 222 Farmington Ave. In Plainville, CT. We will be holding up all who are affected by this disease in thought and prayer and I want to extend a personal invitation for you to join us. You do not have to have any understanding of Christianity to attend, simply a desire to enjoy a time filled with uplifting  messages through word, song, and fellowship with the God of love and healing. We welcome everyone always!

Hope to see you there; until then and for always, I will be holding each and every one of you in my heart and soul, lifting you up in prayer for a lifetime and beyond filled with peace and comfort

God Bless,

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