Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A message of hope from my sister who is working her recovery, with a little help from my mom

This Tattoo is from the book Hope For The Flowers, by,  Trina Paulus. I read this book sitting next to Grammy (my husband Todd's mother) minutes before she left this world to travel to the next to join Todd, Hank, her husband and all of her loved ones that passed before her.

 I knew this book was special as its message was unique to all that read it. I passed this book along to my children because I was so moved by it.  For me, because my daughter struggles with addiction  it meant there was hope for her recovery and I wouldn't lose her to this disease as so many have.  After one time in a recovery program she and I decided to get a tattoo to commemorate her recovery.  We decided on this tattoo of a caterpillar and butterfly from the book. I thought that she had made it. I was wrong; three times again in programs I wondered if it would ever get better. This last time she entered a program all I could do is pray this time would be different. She is now living in a sober house and just recently got her first job on her own. I am very proud of her. Her first day on the job this is what happened in her words.

So this guy came in and ordered a bagel and coffee, sat down and ate his meal. At one point he got up to refill his coffee but the half and half was empty so I went over and took the container from him and brought it back. Then it was time for me to go on my 30 minute break so I went outside for a few minutes and went to go back inside and he was standing outside in front of the store and he was like, "can I see your tattoo?" So I showed him and he said,"what would you say if I said I saw that in my dream last night?" I just kinda laughed and said ok. Then he was like,"I don't know what your faith is or anything but it's a message from the lord, and its specifically for you. He wants me to tell you aren't alone and that things will be ok and what you are going through right now is just a stepping stone he has bigger plans for you and I think you know that." And I kinda stood there and said ok...... I can only imagine what my face looked like at this point and he just continued to say God wants me to know that I have an angel watching over me and if anything ever happens in life that I can just pray and God will help me through it and just remember all of this is only a stepping stone, you were meant for so much more.  Then he said he knows it's a lot to take in and shook my hand then asked if he could say a prayer for me and he did and then said it was nice to meet me, told me to have a good day and God bless then I went back to work.
When she told me her story I cried because  I believe in angels and visits from loved ones that have passed. I have had them.  I truly believe my daughter has angels watching over her.
This is what she experienced I hope it gives hope to someone who needs to believe it can get better.

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  1. Thanks mom & Brit for sharing your message of hope and healing xoxox Kristyn


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