Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dear Ben, Happy Father's Day.......

Dear Ben,

Happy Father's Day, Today the kids and I visited your final resting place. Although you are with us all the time in our hearts and we each have a little bit of you to have and to hold; it is the place for generations to come, to visit and remember you. Last year on father’s day I was very sad, I had a hard time finding joy knowing that Lin would not have the chance to meet you and that Cam might have a hard time remembering you. I could not have been more wrong. Lincoln was born as the sun rose and there was a bird that appeared right outside the window as Grammie and Uncle Matt took a photo (We all knew instantly that you would never miss his birth). That precious little man was a gift from God and we are certain you knew him before he arrived here. From the moment Lincoln was born he’s been smiling, he watches over Hill’s shoulder and smiles as if he is looking at someone and Hill gets chills in that spot; again, you. On YOUR birthday, Cam woke up and said happy birthday, that it was his birthday and that you told him that.  Cam does like for everything to be about him ;) such a little cutie pie! I know you think I talk too much so I will keep this short. Today when we visited the cemetery, we left you a couple treats and said a prayer just as a butterfly flew by, which we all figured was a message from you. We were in a circle and it flew right through us, we laughed at how obvious and then a dragonfly landed on the grass next to your stone. We all said, “okay we get it” We all miss you terribly and that never changes; however, you are still here. You are still a part of our lives in one way or another every day and I know I can speak for all of us that we take comfort and have hope for the future because you and Hill gave us those incredible boys (who by the way look so much like you) to have, to hold, to love and to watch over from this life while you watch over all of us from above. Happy Father’s Day to a super dad, until we meet again.

With love always,


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