Thursday, June 2, 2016

Around the bend

The track disappears rounding the bend. Although I can not see what is around that bend I know I have to keep moving forward. Stopping is not an option, I must continue on my journey. I have made it this far, my fear of remaining where I am has made me strong enough to move further along the track. I have seen these bends before and somehow someway they don't end simply because I can not see beyond them. I start off slow, I inch my way toward the bend and there it is; the next piece of track....just as I knew it my heart it would be.  I pick up speed, and I am on my way again, slowly but surely my journey continues.


Heavenly Divine Spirit
Thank you for showing me
the power I have
in my soul to continue
this journey. 
It is not easy and
at times I am afraid.
I am grateful for the
signs of  your
love and compassion.
When my journey is hard,
I think of you and the people
you have placed in my life
to support and guide me
and I am less afraid.

God of love and light 
With a grateful heart I ask 
That you offer signs of your love and support
to all those that fear the bend. Show them the peace
that can be found if they simply keep moving.

In love & gratitude, Kristyn

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