Tuesday, September 27, 2016

No erasers

I write in pen in my notebooks.
The problem with pen
is most pens can't be erased.

This is true with life as well,
What you say and do can't be erased.
words and actions are permanent.

When I have written something that is not right
or what I was trying to convey;
I can't erase it, however I can start a new page.

I start new pages all the time and
so can you!

If you do not like what you have said or done,
start a new page.

Every day is a NEW day!
Even if you have to start over every day
that is okay.

It is better to try again than it is
to simply give up.

May you find the courage
to find peace
in your heart
today and each new day
forever and for always
love, kristyn

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