Friday, September 23, 2016


What is prayer
Prayer is, and means many different things to all people.
This is merely a sampling of what prayer could be.

Some Definitions
-A solemn request for help or expression of thanks
addressed to God or an object of worship.

-An earnest hope or wish.

-Prayer is conversation with God,
in direct address to him/her.
Prayer may be spoken or thought, occasional or constant.

-An act of communication by humans with the holy,
the transcendent realm, or supernatural powers
that are found in all religions in all times.

-An intimate friendship,
a frequent conversation held alone with the Beloved

How to pray
-Speak out loud, think, sing, YELL! 

-Can be recited from memory or read from a book.

-Prayer can be a conversation.



-Alone or with a group

Where to pray


When to pray
-Whenever the 'spirit' moves you.

-In times of need & in times of plenty.

-When you are feeling strong.

-When you are feeling weak.

-When you are happy

-When you are sad


Types of prayer
-Blessing: recognizing the power of God.

-Gratitude: being thankful.

-Intercession: asking God to step in and help others.

-Petition: asking for what we need, physical & spiritual.

-Praise: expression of love for God

I selected this photo (from my retreat at Camp Calumet)
because I liked the representation of the line between
the water and the sky being blurred.
It is a reminder to me that I am as close to God
as I choose to be.

Are prayers answered?
Prayers are always answered.
However sometimes the answer is yes,
sometimes no,
and sometimes, wait.
The belief in a higher power is, at its heart
a trusting relationship
that one must understand and believe
that God is at work
even when we don't understand
the answer

Prayer is personal.
For me, it is an intimate relationship
with the one who loves me (and you)
more than could possibly be imagined.
My higher power knows my heart
better than I know it myself
and wants to hear what I have to say,
good, bad or indifferent.

Finally, for me, prayer is
a two way street
When I pray
I must always


The answer is there
open your heart
so that your heart
can be opened

The peace & love

of the one who was,
is and always will be
our God
be with you
today and always,
For me, through Jesus Christ
my Lord and Savior, AMEN
xox Kristyn

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