Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Ben

Today is Ben's birthday
Although we may not see him sitting at the table
to blow out his candles.
We will celebrate his life, with his children
Cameron & Lincoln and he will be present.

Everyone who loves Ben continues to see
signs of his love all around us and his spirit
lives on in the beautiful boys he created with Hillary.

We have a light in our dining room that
burns brightly all day and night
every day and night and has not gone out
since Ben left our home the day of his passing.
There is a plaque with the caption

"There are some who bring a light so great
into the world
that even after they have gone
the light remains"

Ben is and always will be a light that burns
brightly in our hearts and in our home.
We will continue to honor his life and light
by sharing the love he shared with all of us.

Please join me in celebrating Ben's life and
the lives of all those that have left a light
burning on our hearts.

May we all find peace in knowing
the light remains!

In love, Kristyn

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