Sunday, January 1, 2017

Your presence is the present

Good morning and prayers for a new year filled with
peace overflowing in your heart, soul, life
and the lives of those we love.

Very simply stated no matter how sad, worried, pained
or scared we are; our presence IS a present.

A present that we can open with gratitude
with each passing day.

The presents I give others have always
brought me great joy.
For me, giving was much better than receiving.
I thought that was what was most important, it is not.

The present of our presence is truly
our greatest gift.

Every day we get to choose what gifts
we want to open.
What gift is going to do the best job of feeding
our hearts and souls.

This year I have set an intention!
My intention is to fully greet every day
offering myself the gifts of
love, kindness, gratitude, peace, hope and forgiveness.
I am sure if you also give it a try, it can and
will be the greatest gifts we could ever receive.
These gifts are all free
and all priceless.

Why not set the intention to give yourself
the gifts we so often save for others.

When you give yourself these gifts,
your presence becomes the present;
the gift that keeps on giving.
Then & only then
share your presents & presence with others
These glorious stones and this beautiful handmade African basket
were a gift from a my friend Loretta who works hard to offer peace
and compassion throughout her community in Philadelphia and beyond.
She asked that I use the word 'presence' and I added 'present'
because both are necessary for peace.

You and I are worth it!
You and I are a gift to all humanity!
You and I are worthy of these gifts!

May the Divine Spirit of love
who watches over us all
overflow your cup of blessing
all the days of this life & beyond.

I love you all,
your presence is a present to me
each and every moment of each and every day :)
Peace be with you, Kristyn

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