Friday, December 16, 2016

circles of life, those we have lost are never truly gone

Circles are my favorite.
There is something about the fact that
it continues on and on without end.

I also love that for me,
if you are inside the circle
you are protected from what it outside of it.

I wear a pendant on a chain around my neck
that holds Ben's ashes.
that chain also holds a circle.

Many folks have asked me if it is this or that,
and my response is always the same.
No, it is simply a circle and I love circles.

The circle I wear, represents the never-ending bond
we have with those that have left this life before us.

Although there are many that left this life
sooner than I would have liked,
and there are many that no matter how long they are here
it will never be long enough;
my relationship with them has not ended.
The circle continues on in my heart and in my soul.
I FEEL them when I am reminded by a photo,
a shared story,
a sign or message I believe they have left for me.

I recently had a patient, a widower, who at 98 years old
said, "the older I get the more uncertain I am that there is an afterlife".
I generally do not share my religious beliefs unless I am asked,
however, it was easy to share my spiritual belief.
I told him that for me our energy if this life
is WAY too strong to simply no longer exist.
Your body is only the vessel that houses that energy.
He told me he liked that idea.
I asked him if it would give him comfort knowing
that his spirit would live on and he could be with
the spirit of his wife again.
He said yes, I reminded him that he could choose
what beliefs he wanted to hold onto.
He smiled and said, thank you I like that idea.

We all have choices and believe variations of
The choice is yours
For me, I see Ben's presence in our lives just as much today
as it was on this day two years ago when he was still
within the circle of this life.
Sometimes the sadness places a shroud of tears over my eyes,
however they are dried by a hawk, a penny from heaven, a photograph,
a Giants jersey, a smile from the boys who share a part of that spirit, the list goes on.
It is a circle.
This pouch was a gift from a patient who made yo-yo quilts,
they are made out of circles. She had one on her bed and as I admired it,
I told her that I too loved circles
and that it was beautiful. The next day she gave me this and said
I want you to have this because you love circles.
I will not explain the significance of all the varied circles on this pouch,
however suffice it to say that it is one of my most treasured possessions.

For those who have lost a loved one
know that you too can share this belief.
I am sharing it because it gives me some peace and comfort
and my prayer is that it will do the same for you.

I am proud to share my circle with all of you
and I am honored to be a part of yours

Peace be with you

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