Friday, December 9, 2016

Creating a world you want to live in

A friend shared the idea with me
'Create the world you want to live in'

Over the past week or so I have been trying harder to
create that world.

The only person I can change is me,
the only person I can control is me,
 I am the person who thinks and feels what I tell myself.

Saying 'you made me feel bad, or you made me react that way'
is ultimately not 'you'. It is me.

I choose what I choose.
At times I make good choices and at times I don't.

When someone else makes 'their' choice
and that choice affects me, I choose how I will respond.

Back to this week,
I am choosing to live in a world where
love prevails.
I am choosing to live in a world where
hope prevails.
I am choosing to live in  a world where
kindness prevails.
I am choosing to try every day to create
the world I want to live in.

It is hard to try new things, it is also totally worth it!

Living in someone else's world where
unhappiness prevails is not the choice I
choose to make.

I will not leave behind those that are unhappy,
I will invite them to join me in trying
to move towards peace.

Everyone moves at their own pace
that is freedom.
for me, freedom lies where I can
fall down along my path that is treacherous at times,
and get right back up.

I asked myself, "where do you want to live?"
if the world you live in is NOT where you want to,
MOVE, if you need help moving, ask a friend.

I am a friend as are many others who are part of our community
that shares peace and comfort with others.

There are 'friends' out there who will help you move
even, the 'heavy' stuff.

Much love today and always
your friend, Kristyn

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