Saturday, December 10, 2016


Saturday December 10th 2016

5:30 am wake up get out of bed brew a pot of coffee
5:40 am start working on a project for Cameron listening to a spiritual book on my phone
6:25 am start thinking the sun will come up soon
6:30 am think about the man I spoke to that said it IS getting lighter earlier
6:35 am think about Bert asking me where a great place to see the sunrise is
6:37 am think about the overlook across from Elizabeth park in Hartford
6:39 am check the weather channel app and see the sun rises at 7:07 am and it is a clear morning
6:40 am wake up Bert, say get dressed and lets go!
6:45 am on our way

7:07 am enjoy a glorious sunrise with my son

Click on the photo, enlarge and zoom in on the center of the cloud
There's the bird that seems to find it's way into our pics.
especially on special days!
In a half hours time this morning I chose to feed my soul, that choice set the tone for my entire day.

The idea is at any given moment you can make the choice to do something that changes everything.

I feed my soul by thinking, believing, and doing things for myself and others.
The joy I feel at these moments is indescribable.

There was no cost, however that moment in time was priceless.

My prayer for you for today is
that you find a simple way 
to take a deep breath,
and feed your soul.

Let true joy enter your heart & mind

much love, Kristyn

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