Thursday, December 15, 2016

begin again

The more I try to find peace the more I see the chaos that can make it hard to find.

I have always wanted to meditate and be good at it because my understanding is that
it truly brings peace to those that have found a way to master it.

I give up a lot and tell myself my mind simply can not do it.
I am like a dog in a park, too many things to see to stay focused.

until now

I finally found a teacher (from a book I listened to) that said MOST folks who try something hard have to practice often to receive the benefit.

You may already know this, however it did not sink in with me until a couple of days ago.

The way to get where you want to be is 'begin again'!
and again and again.......................................................

I have also always struggled with my weight, even at my slimmest
it was never easy to maintain a safe weight.

Everything I wanted to do I would say:
I'll start tomorrow or
I'll start on Monday or
that will be my New Years Resolution
always another time, not now.

Back to meditation
My practice now is whenever I begin
and my mind drifts off
I do not quit
I begin again
right at that very moment.
when I drift again,
and I will
I begin again and I
continue to begin again
and I am finding that focusing on
beginning again and again helps
until I have began again for long enough
to have received the benefit of my efforts

It is working, I also try to either listen to a
repetitive chant/ song
or I say my mantra of choice which is,

Let there be peace on earth
and let it begin with me.

It is working, I tell myself I can do it
and I begin again and again and again...........

The prayer that I send to you today
is that you truly feel the loving energy that I and all
the other folks out there send out to you
for healing.
I took this photo at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford.
This photo brings me joy because it reminds me of simpler
times when I would skate on this pond as a child. You could only get to
the island in the center when it was frozen. It was a thrill for me to
be somewhere that most of the time was out of my reach.

May you find peace and comfort
in your life through
giving and receiving
positive energy
and if that
peace eludes you
begin again,
begin again,
and begin again!

I love you from the place in my soul
that knows no boundaries

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