Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Finding a hand in unusual places

Yesterday at the gas station I stepped out my car to see this.
I was having a pretty rough day,
actually it's been a pretty rough
couple of months and I had just been
thinking.....I sure could use a hand!

I guess my message to the universe was
received LITERALLY :)

I smiled, and was grateful for
the moment of joy.

Most times we don't have all
the answers.
Often times we don't have any,
however, sometimes we simply need
to know there is a hand
out there somewhere that can help.

When I first learned of Hillary's addiction
I knew nothing, and there were very
few folks talking about it.

I felt alone

I learned very quickly that I was not,
the more I spoke out and spoke up;
the more I learned that if everyone spoke out
there would be a lot more "hands"
to help.

In the time since then;
the stigma associated with this disease
has diminished.
It is being pulled out of the shadows
and into the light. There are so many more
hands offering help in so many
more ways.

In the light things change,
miracles do happen,
our friends and families get the help
they desperately need
and we are not alone.

This I know for certain;
Our family, which includes all of you
is strong, kind, courageous, loving,
smart, forgiving and powerful.

Please, when you see a hand
reach out for it and
when you don't see a hand
ask the universe for it
and look....it is right there,
just waiting to be found.

All knowing
universal spirit of love,
thank you for all the ways
you have placed helping hands
in the world to share
your messages of hope.
When I am feeling lost,
please help me to find the way
toward your light.
It is there that I will find peace
and the reminder
that I am never alone.
I know you will
provide the support
I need to get through this day,
all the days of this life
and for all eternity.
Your hands are everywhere,
show me the way.

Always and forever with love, k

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