Monday, May 8, 2017



Tried different size paint pens to create this stone
and four tries later, I am happy with it.
Forgiveness is that way too, keep trying until
you are happy with the result.

It can be hard to give and 
even harder to ask for

When I screw up
and I am not ready to admit that I am wrong;
I carry guilt and shame

Guilt and shame grows like a weed
when it is not 'pulled out'
in its early stages.

When I am ready to  admit I am wrong
in my thought, word, and/or deed;
I first must admit it to myself.
That's hard.

I then admit it to my God,
that is hard to.

That's where forgiveness comes in.
MY God, the mother, father, divine creator of all
forgives me, not because I deserve forgiveness,
however, because by asking the almighty
for forgiveness I am saying I will try as hard
as I possibly can to not screw up again;
And by grace I am absolved;
set free to try harder.

I know that my God forgives me and
will forgive you too.
I promise, I know this from
the depths of my heart and soul.

Here's the hardest part;
forgiving myself.

Most of the time I know when I am wrong
and it is my stubbornness that holds me back
from the peace that comes from forgiveness.

A sin is a sin is a sin, no matter what form.
Who are we to judge
which one is greater or lesser than another?
unconditional forgiveness,
works in the same manner;
forgiveness is forgiveness is forgiveness.

'I can forgive but I will never forget'
sets you up for the lack of forgiveness
to start growing again.

We all have experienced sins against
us that we may never truly forget,
however, we can let go of the emotions
associated with them.
Those emotions can and will eat away
at the forgiveness and all of the sudden
the forgiveness of others or ourselves
ends up right back where it was
when the sin was taking up
way to much space in your heart.

I do not have all the answers
and I make it sound a lot easier than
it really is.

keep trying
keep asking for forgiveness 
and most importantly
forgive yourself
so that when you try again
you are beginning with
a clean or at least cleaner slate.

in loving kindness, k

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