Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Welcome yourself home

This morning I took a journey to my future self.
As my present self,
I thought about where I am now 
and then
I started crossing the bridge of my life watching
it pass along without interacting with it.

I looked for myself,
it took a while
however I did find me.
I was welcomed by what I  
envisioned I would look like in 20 years
and in the mirror of my future self, 
I saw peace within me
and all around me.
I was at the entrance to a home, my home
on a lake with a front porch
and I was standing in the doorway
asking my present self to come in.
Inside I saw
soft comfortable furniture,
photographs of my family and my friends
on the tables and on the walls.
I saw reminders of the things that bring me joy.
I saw the physical and spiritual gifts 
given to me by those who love me.
I saw only JOY.
I breathed it in,
I welcomed the peace.
I thanked my future self for getting me to
where I have always wanted to be
and I smiled as I returned to the bridge
and started the journey back to my present self.
As I traveled back,
I took heed to notice what the journey
to my future self looked like
I saw, smelled, listened, heard and tasted
the journey and it was magnificent.
All of the triumphs and trials
had ultimately
brought me home.

I am here now,
back in my present life
and I am no longer afraid.
I know where I am going
and I trust myself to get me there.
JOY, I'm coming for you
thank you for showing me the way.

Go visit yourself 20 years from now
exactly where you are supposed to be
and know that you, too, have everything
inside of you to get there.
You are a perfect gift from God
Believe in yourself

Listen to your best self!
Your JOY is calling you home

With hope, love, and strength
for the journey

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