Friday, June 2, 2017


Who & What
do you see when you look in the mirror?

Who & What
do others see when they look at you?

Do they match?

Girl Before A Mirror
-Pablo Picasso

This painting changed my life.
What do you see in the image on the left?
Does it match the image painted in the mirror?
Look closely at every detail.....................
What we see and how we are seen by others
often do not match.

Just for today 
look at yourself through the eyes of 
your biggest fan,
don't have a biggest fan, be your own.

SEE yourself as beautiful, inside & out
SEE yourself as loved by the divine
SEE yourself as a light to the world
SEE your present, right now as a chance to shine
SEE your accomplishments (size does NOT matter)

You have the ability to manipulate the image in the mirror
to be exactly what you have always dreamed.
If you are not seeing or reflecting what you want,
start taking baby steps toward the image you desire.

Beauty is relative, it is an individual perspective.
Divinity is the source of joy, look for yours.
Light is all around move toward it to feel the warmth.
Let that warmth emanate from your soul.
Yesterday is GONE, it has passed, leave it in the past. 
Are you looking in the mirror, that IS an accomplishment.

Who do you see & How do you want to be seen?
You have the power, we all do,

Believe, k

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