Saturday, July 22, 2017

In honor of my wife, yes my wife!

This post is in honor of my wife,
yes my wife; I'll explain.
Many years ago, I met Dawn by chance.
One of those
'in the right place at the right time'

From the moment we met we connected
and instantly became best friends.
The problem was that 'best friend' was an understatement.
we were inseparable and became family.
So 'wife' it was. After many years 
we separated for a while.
Why, isn't important. 
Suffice it to say that there was no specific event
or argument, we simply took different paths.
Before I knew it years had passed,
six, to be exact.

Then one day my sister mentioned
having seen her
and I decided that I would reach out.
There was no; hey, wanted to check in,
or hey, what's been going on for six years.
I simply texted her a memory,
to which she replied with a memory,
to which I called and the rest is herstory.
Back together again after all these years
and we, our children, and our spouses
couldn't be happier.

Living with addiction or
loving someone with addiction
causes a lot of break ups.
I know that my daughter and I
'broke up' many times
before she found her way home to find
me right there waiting for her.
Sometimes there is a safety reason,
or a hurt feelings reason,
or even for the reason of betrayal.
Sometimes we need to take a break,
to regroup, 
to see where we belong, and to
find our way back to where we belong,
and who we belong with.

As you read this are you thinking of someone....
Someone whom you may have walked away from
or may have walked away from you?
How long has it been, does this person
pop into your mind on a regular basis.

Juts do it!
Reach out!
If you reach out with your heart and soul
with no expectations and true kindness
I doubt you'll be disappointed
If they respond with that same kindness,
what a blessing.
If they do not respond then you, my friend,
are the blessing and maybe, just maybe someday
they will reach back or open their arms
and welcome you back.

Take the chance

"Every blessing ignored becomes a curse"
                                      -Paulo Coehlo

Peace be with you, with those whom you
have loved and lost,
and with those whom you have
lost and found!


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