Monday, July 24, 2017

Cancer and addiction

Some of you might not agree with my beliefs  that addiction is very similar to cancer and other diseases that pop up in our lives without warning.

I would ask you to read on and reconsider.

My husband was recently diagnosed with cancer and I have found when trying to help him that I have very little control over what he chooses to do and chooses not to do.

Just like addiction the person who suffers with a disease ultimately, holds all the cards. They choose how they are going to deal with the diagnosis and pick what treatments they want and don't want. You can make suggestions, be supportive and you can be there but that does not mean that the person is going to choose your path or the path that you would most like for them.

Their journey is their journey. Cancer just like addiction effects young, old, male, female, every race and every religion, it does not discriminate.

People who have addiction, cancer, or other diseases may or may not have made choices  that made them more susceptible to any of these.

Have any of us REALLY ever made every choice with our 'good health' in mind?

All those Living with a disease can choose to ignore it, choose treatment and of course you can choose to change your mind and not choose. Any and all of these choices could mean life or death.

What I know is that I still believe in hope and love and faith and kindness and mercy and grace as all of those things are present in cancer and all of those things are present in addiction and it is only by believing in those things that we can find the peace that we all need in our souls to heal. 

Open your eyes, look closely at the people around you and please do not judge for they may be fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Please consider when searching for answers to search with love and compassion for all that suffer no matter what the disease.

Please also consider reaching out with love and compassion to all those that love and do their best to take care of all those that suffer from any and all diseases for their journey can be and is usually filled with just as much suffering as the afflicted.

Today and everyday I pray for peace & comfort for everyone everywhere who faces the challenges of being a survivor everyday with peace and love for your journey



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