Thursday, September 14, 2017

Labyrinth First Church West Hartford Center

The labyrinth in the front yard of First Church in West Hartford Center is well maintained, it has to be. At first glance it appears only to be there for appearances however, when you step closer you see that it can be traveled. If the narrow path were not lovingly cared for often it would be almost impossible to see, let alone stay on and it would be easy to lose your way.

Walking the labyrinth
Stand at the entrance and look,
see the center and envision yourself arriving there.
You will need to take small steps, they are the safest.
Steps that are too big can bring you further
then you are ready for and take you off the path.
Watch where you are going and look for anything
that may throw you off course; avoid those things.
Step over anything that does not keep you on course,
or wait until it has left your path before moving forward.
See where you are going and how far you have come.
Know where you have been and remember the path is
only wide enough to put one foot in front of the other.
My husband, Pete walked with me and at times
we came to a place where we got into each others way
and had to stop, think, and know that we could
not go through each other. One of us had to go
first to stay out of each others way.
It is hard to stay on course when there are
others who appear to be blocking you.
It took a while and we made it
to the center because we believed
we could....we did.

At the Center look back at the path
you have traveled and know that it was your
path. Any stumbling, waiting, and misstep
ultimately brought you to where you are.
Now, take all that you learned from
your journey with you as you
walk out of the labyrinth the same way
you came in. Trust yourself and your ability
to step over or wait in an area that was difficult 
on the way in. Eventually you will get back to where 
you were when you entered. 

Stand at the entrance and say thank you
to the labyrinth for showing you the way.
Say thank you for the journey and say thank you
to yourself that although you may have stumbled,
you believed you you did.

Divine creator of the
circles of life,
I give you thanks for showing
me that there is no beginning,
and no end.

There are only circles.
What appears to be death,
opens my soul to a new life.

What is old can become new,
stumbling can become a lesson,
fear can become success,
hate can become love,
and pain can become peace.
I ask that you continue to be with me
and all that travel the winding path of life
that offers new beginnings
with each and every step.


Peace be with you, k

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