Monday, September 18, 2017


Good morning
At first glance this looks like
a huge scary spider

A lot of folks are deathly afraid
of spiders.

The reality is that most folks
have not been attacked by spiders.
Most folks that have this fear
have never even taken a moment 
to try to understand why most spiders 
are really quite helpful 
and want nothing more than 
to live out there lives the best way they can
no different than most humans.

They control pests;
devouring disease carrying mosquitos and
removing unwanted parasitic bugs
from crops.
Their silk is one of the strongest
natural materials, has been and is studied 
for medical and engineering purposes.
The list goes on.

Many cultures have used spider symbolism to teach.
Spiders weave intricate webs,
our choices weave our web of life.
Spiders have to be patient,
they spend their entire life weaving and waiting.
They are creative and have to use many 
different things within their environment
to support their webs.

My favorite:
They persevere. 
They create a beautiful web to live in,
it gets destroyed, and they go right back to
creating another sometimes even more beautiful one.
They never give up.

This is why everyone who is affected by 
addiction in some way could take a lesson from
our friends the spiders.

Sometimes spiders can and do hurt us,
most of the time we can and do survive the 'bite'.
Care and forgiveness is important.

Spiders can be misunderstood, just like us.

Some people fear spiders, just like some people fear us.

We can learn something from spiders and
we have a lot to teach others.

Spiders have to be patient & wait and we do too.

when we get knocked down or
our web of life is torn apart
we must not give up.

The Divine Creator
breathed life into us and the spiders,
all creatures great and small
have a purpose.

Next time you see a spider
in your web of life and are afraid,
look closely for the beauty and perseverance 
that lies within him/her.
Take a deep breath, let it live......
and maybe, just maybe
set it free.

Peace be with you & all creatures great and small
The Lord our God loves us all!!! k

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