Monday, October 16, 2017

A gift from Hillary

I love all things Halloween!
The day is inspired by all Hallows Eve & the day of the dead.
There are many traditions associated with this day,
as well as fears and superstitions.

This is a gift I received from Hillary for my birthday
which falls the week before Halloween

Look closely........
what do you see, now look closer..........

What I see is two beings surrounded by a crystal ball,
shielding them from the outside world 
 gently holding each other.

I see the hand holding them as the hand of God.
It supports the couple in what appears to be something soft
that their fragile world rests safely and comfortably on.
The couple appears unaware that the hand is there,
although we, as onlookers know it is.

Divine love is abundant in all things and in all places.
Sometimes where you least expect it (in a Halloween decoration).

It is amazing to me that the artist who created this could capture
the essence of love and kindness.
The photos do not do justice to the feeling
that this piece of art invokes in me.

I presume this is a man holding a woman, however this could represent any relationship.

The man is holding the woman close with his hands on her shoulders
and his chin resting on her head.

She rests her head into his chest
with her arms around his back for added comfort and security.

I cried when I looked closely at this relationship. I cried for the idea that in death there was eternal love. I cried for the gentleness of a caring and compassionate relationship, beyond this life. I cried because so very often in this life we take for granted the love we have here, thinking, there is always tomorrow and I cried because no matter what, the Divine creator of all holds us even when we can't see ourselves and those we love being held.

I will cherish this gift and it will remain in my sacred space throughout the year to remind me; the hand of God is present and this life is the one I will be grateful for. 

Ben's 29th birthday would have been on October 9th.
God held him in this life and I believe when Ben's spirit 
left he was holding the hand of God on his way to
the life everlasting.

Please tell the people you love that they are loved by you
and by the Divine creator of the universe.
Help to remove the cloud of fear and pain from the eyes of all those that suffer
so that the abundant love from Spirit may 
be seen more clearly. 

Peace, k

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